Flipshop: How a Bangalore based startup is saving online shoppers Rs 5 million per month?

Launched in 2014 by Ashutosh Goyal and Gaurav Kumar, flipshop It has gradually grown in stature to become India’s premium online shopping extension for a vast array of products. A pioneer in bringing convenience to the users who love to shop in any category.

Founders Ashutosh Goyal and Gaurav Kumar, graduates of the prestigious IIT Kharagpur, seized a lucrative corporate career to start their own website. Along with their best employees, the founders have made the company one of the most successful startups in India. Currently, online marketplace services are available across the country. Flipshop has also taken steps to connect customers internationally.

The Flipshop website is a true miracle, which has contributed significantly to this stupendous success. The product search recommendation engine is powered by artificial intelligence to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Offers and featured deals are generally made more convenient for first time or returning buyers for the convenience of users. In addition, the online platform uses a secure payment system and maintenance services, all done in a consumer-centric manner. The easy-to-use interface of the website allows users to navigate through the website easily and helps them save more money and time at the same time.

Flipshop is a highly developed company, and we plan to expand to other markets as well. TheyOn its way to become a ubiquitous brand in India; With over 2 million downloads, over 20 million impressions worldwide and 150K daily active users, Chrome Extension is the most downloaded Chrome extension in the online shopping category.

Flipshop Features

The main problem is when flash sale comes, users face difficulty in buying their desired products on flash sale, so when problem occurs flipshop brings solution. near flipshop ‘buy flash sale auto’ feature, which automatically adds products to cart during a sale.

as we all know “In times of pandemic everyone wants contactless and secure shopping methods and online shopping is the best way to do that but people were facing financial problems due to lockdown and everyone is shopping at discounted prices at this time. wants to do name featureauto-applied coupon Which is powered by AI, users just have to visit the flipshop website and select the preferred deal, it will redirect you to the website where you want to buy the products or services like flipkart coupons. And later, it automatically applies the best available coupon code at the time of purchasing the product which saves both time and money of the user. The ‘Auto Apply Coupons’ feature supports more than 500 e-commerce stores.

Flipshop is a game changer for Indian buyers. On an average Flipshop users spend more than Rs 500 million per month and get a profit of 5 million while shopping online.

Online e-commerce market is growing very fast and everyone is rushing to online shopping but the problem is when the price of the products fluctuate and sometimes the price is at its peak so solve this issue. Flipshop launched to ‘Price Tracker’Speciality Which shows the last 3 months price history on over 100 million products and notifies users via notifications and e-mails when prices drop, enabling customers to grab their desired products at the lowest price makes.

With the innovations and advents in Information Technology (IT), convenient and secure online shopping is vital for a thriving e-commerce and freelance industry.

Flipshop has been a profitable company since its inception. Earlier it was located in Bangalore and we also have another office in Jaipur and today we have collaborated with more than 400 online platforms like Amazon, Make my trip, Oneplus etc. Helping shoppers in every area like food, travel, clothes with best offers and we have got some other extensions so that we can provide our best services to the users and we have a team of 50+ employees.

The company is doing well, but it is nowhere near their goal of making every Indian buyer use it for their every purchase.

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