‘Gandhi of Nagaland’ Natwar Thakkar’s birthday celebrated as a noble cause

Naveen Bharat Editorial

GUWAHATI: The 89th birthday of Gandhi Natwar Thakkar of Nagaland was celebrated on Saturday as a noble cause in honor of his selfless services to the Naga society.

Padma Shri awardee Thakkar, who died in 2018, was the founder of the Nagaland Gandhi Ashram in Chuchuyimlang. His wife Lentina Ao is also a Gandhian.

Natwar Thakkar founded the Nagaland Gandhi Ashram in 1955 and since then, has been engaged in implementing various initiatives aimed at the socio-economic development of the region through Gandhian ideals and principles, promoting peace and national and emotional integration. were,” the Chuchuyimlang Students’ Union (CSU) said in a statement.

Chuchuyimlang Village Council President Sanon Pongen said that the council had declared Thakkar’s birthday as a great working day in recognition of his rich contribution. On this day, villagers do various charitable and noble deeds for the benefit of the rural masses.

This year, CSU organized the third edition of Noble Deeds Day. The day-long celebrations culminated with a public function held in the premises of the Nagaland Gandhi Ashram.

The main attraction was a reminiscence of the Gandhian journey through a poem (a song for Thakkar), special songs, sermons, and an act performed by the students of National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Chuchuyimlang, which complemented the screening. A documentary on the life and works of Thakkar.

Another special feature of the ceremony was the special tribute to him through recitation by the entire assembled participants.

An online painting and essay-writing competition focused on the life and works of Thakkar was also organized. The aim was to create awareness about their services. Cash prizes and certificates were distributed to the winners.

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