Google will ban ads from appearing next to climate prohibition content

By The Associated Press

LONDON: Google is taking action to prevent climate change deniers from spreading misinformation or making money, stopping digital ads promoting false climate change claims from appearing alongside content on its platform.

The company said in a blog post on Thursday that it is rolling out a new policy for YouTube video creators. advertisers and publishers.

The blog post said the new rules would “prohibit advertisements and monetization of content that contradicts the well-established scientific consensus about the existence and causes of climate change.”

The rules would apply to any material that calls climate change a hoax or denies that greenhouse gas emissions and human activity have contributed to Earth’s long-term warming.

Google’s advertising team said, “In recent years, we have heard directly from a growing number of our advertising and publisher partners who have expressed concerns about ads promoting false claims about climate change. “

The company said advertisers do not want their ads to appear next to climate change denial content, and publishers and creators do not want them to appear on their pages or videos.

Google said it will use both automated tools and a human reviewer to implement the policy when it takes effect in November.

Earlier this week, Google rolled out new features aimed at helping users reduce their carbon footprint, including a search function that shows which flights emit fewer emissions.

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