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Government of India can be the reason for the downfall of Pakistan Cricket Board: Ramiz Raja

Admitting that it was Indian money, which in a way kept the Pakistan Cricket Board afloat, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja said that India’s financial clout in the world game was the reason no other ICC member country could go against them. Was.

In that context, Raja told the Senate Standing Committee that the Indian government could lead to the downfall of the PCB if it so desired.

“PCB gets 50 per cent of its funding from the ICC. The ICC organizes tournaments and the proceeds are distributed among its member boards.

“Now, 90 per cent of ICC funding is generated from the Indian market. In other words, Indian business houses are running Pakistan cricket. If tomorrow, the Indian Prime Minister decides that he will not fund Pakistan cricket, there is a possibility that the PCB may collapse. “

The PCB has been left high and dry in recent days, with New Zealand and England Pulling out of the country tour. The Kiwis had, in fact, arrived in Pakistan, but decided to fly home, citing unspecified “security threats”, minutes before the first one-day international.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid had alleged a conspiracy in this regard, claiming that the emails threatening the New Zealand team originated from accounts located in India.

After almost no international cricket in Pakistan for more than a decade following the terrorist attack against the visiting Sri Lankan team in Lahore. Furthermore, there has been no bilateral series against India for over a decade and a half, the biggest draw card for any host country – and even more so for Pakistan – due to the cold ties between the two countries.

The PCB has been lamenting about being isolated in the ICC for a long time, that no other country has supported it despite several tours of the country in the past year and a half during the global pandemic. In fact, England’s tour of Pakistan was considered a goodwill gesture for last year’s tour of the United Kingdom, during which players were in a dire bio-bubble when coronavirus There was uproar in that country.

India, England and Australia have been unofficially dubbed the ‘Big Three’ in the ICC because no major decision – financial or cricket – can be implemented without their permission. Many in Pakistan see the country’s isolation in the world body as a result of India flexing its muscles.

“Australia will not stand up for them (India). No country will stand before them. You see what happened – they (New Zealand) packed up and left in two minutes. It is because he has no interest of his own in playing in Pakistan, because our cricket economy is not that strong,” Raja told the Senate Standing Committee.

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