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Have you ever tried Chinese Biryani? watch viral video

When it comes to biryaniFood lovers can get into serious debate about its various versions, each rich in its own regional flavour. As much as this dish is loved, it is not surprising that people often take it to heart when experimenting with their favorite food. One such biryani is going viral on social media, leaving many disappointed.

We are talking about Chinese Biryani. Yes, you heard that right. This recipe shared by a YouTuber recently went viral. However, the video was published last year.

See recipe here:

But if you look closely, this new biryani recipe made of chicken and vegetables seems to be very similar to Chinese fried rice.

Here is how netizens reacted to the Chinese biryani:

Earlier this year, a man from Pakistan shared a picture of himself. ‘Strawbiryani’ Or the Strawberry Biryani which instantly went viral. In the picture there was a big pan of biryani rice with fresh strawberries.

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