Like Your Apples Without Skin? Save Those Apple Peels To Make These 6 Decadents

Apple peels are very nutritious.


  • Apple skin is healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Apple peels can be used to make many dishes.
  • Here are some recipe ideas with apple peels.

Food wastage is a disaster, not just for the environment but also for the food itself. Many times we let useful food scraps go to waste without realising the many benefits they could bring to us. Vegetable and food peels, for instance, should go on our plate instead of ending up in the trash. Did you know that apple peel is just as nutritious as the fruit itself? Most of us enjoy our sweet juicy apple without its skin, so we mindlessly peel it off. There’s nothing really wrong with eating food the way you like it but you can do a lot to avoid wasting the apple peel and use it in your diet in other better ways. How? Read on.

Apple peels can be turned into some healthy, some tasty, and some both healthy and tasty treats that will make you actually like the peel. Apple peels are rich in vitamin and minerals, especially vitamin C that helps boost immunity and maintains skin health. Here are some recipe ideas you can pick your cues from to make some decadents with no-more-waste apple peels.

Here Are 6 Ways To Use Apple Peels:

1. Apple Chips

Season apple peels with sugar/honey, cinnamon and other ingredients of your choice and bake them in the oven to make sweet and crispy apple chips. If you like them salty, sprinkle salt and black pepper powder instead.

2. Apple Tea

Boil and simmer apple peels in water for half an hour to one hour, add sugar/honey or spices and enjoy this warm and healthy cup of tea. Don’t forget to strain the tea to remove the peels.

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Apple peel tea is warming and relaxing. 

3. Infused Water

Just toss an apple in a jug of water and let it steep overnight. Enjoy the mildly-sweet water throughout the day with many added health benefits.

4. Apple Peel Jam

Boil apple peels and cores in water till they turn soft. Add sugar and lemon juice and boil again, and simmer till you see it turning into the jam-like texture. Strain and store in sterilised or airtight containers.

5. Apple Peel Syrup

Boil apple peel and cores in water till water thickens. Strain and add sugar and boil water again till sugar dissolves. Use apple syrup over pancakes, ice-creams, brownies etc.

6. Apple Peel Smoothie

Simply toss the apple peels in a blender, add milk or curd and some water along with nuts and seeds and a sweetener. Blend well to make a filling smoothie drink.

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Apple peel smoothie is yummy and healthy. 

Next time you eat an apple, remember to save its peels. Use these recipe ideas to turn them into some delights that you won’t regret making.

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