Positive encouragement can increase academic results in school children

New York: Giving more positive incentives to students not only reduces disruptive classroom behavior, but can improve students’ educational and social outcomes, researchers say.

Findings published in the Journal of Educational Psychology indicate that a behavior management intervention helped increase students ‘engagement and increased teachers’ confidence in their ability to manage disruptive behavior.

Keith Harman, a researcher at the University of Missouri in the US, said, “As teachers, we often focus on focusing on what our students want to do in the classroom, but we’ve found that simply doesn’t work. is.”

“Instead, we need to have clear expectations of what behaviors we want to see,” Harman said.

For the study, the researchers implemented CHAMPS, a classroom behavior management training intervention, in a school classroom over the course of five years.

The intervention not only reduced disruptive classroom behavior and student concentration problems, but also improved both classroom work and standardized test scores, as well as increased students’ time working with classroom work.

“The intervention is based on principles and practices, research has shown to be helpful in creating successful classroom management, such as communicating clear expectations to students, encouraging more positive than negative reprimand, and walking into the classroom to monitor student behavior. . ” .


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