Watch: How To Make 10-Minute, No Bake, Chocolate-Filled Sandwiches For A Quick Snack


  • Chocolate desserts are a favourite among all
  • Making doughnuts may seem like a cumbersome affair
  • Turns out you can make doughnuts in 10 minutes, without baking

Let’s admit it, we can never have enough of chocolates. It is easily one of the most beloved ingredients among bakers and confectioners, and we can’t blame them either, can we? The world is filled with chocolate lovers, and thus, it would be tad foolish to think about owning a dessert place and miss out on chocolate. If your house is also filled with people obsessed with chocolate, we have a recipe that can do wonders for those untimely cravings.  

For making these unique doughnuts, in one bowl take some maida, powdered sugar, milk powder, baking powder or baking soda and milk. Mix it well and make a semi-thick batter without lumps.

Once the batter is done, proceed to the next step with a two bread slices. Flatten the slices with rolling pin. Moisten the slices with some milk. Now, place a blob of peanut butter or chocolate spread right in the centre of one slice, and place another slice over it to make a sandwich. With the help of a steel glass cut out a circular portion with the peanut/ chocolate butter at the centre. Remove the excess.  

Once all your sandwich doughnuts are ready, dip them in the milk and flour batter and fry till golden brown. Sounds like a cakewalk, right? So, what are you waiting for?

Follow this fabulous recipe on food vlogger Parul’s YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’ and let us know how you liked it.


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