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Help to save 2 year old worship from cancer; He needs 20 lakh rupees to survive

A working mother, who is the sole breadwinner for her family, needs help to pay for her son’s life-saving treatment. It started with high fever, followed by weight loss and extreme weakness.

The mother says, ‘My son Poojan is fighting the battle for his life. Without immediate treatment, there is no chance of her survival. “I am a working mom with a disabled husband. Being the sole breadwinner, I cannot afford the life saving treatment of my son. My entire income is used to feed our family. “

She is sharing her son’s story today as he needs support.

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how was it diagnosed

high fever. Shocking weight loss. This was the first clue that something was wrong with my son. The day I realized that he did not have the strength to move, I reached the hospital.

“I am very sorry to tell you this, but your son, Poojan” cancer. We need to start treating him immediately. If he fails, he cannot survive. “

When I first heard the diagnosis, I refused to believe it.

“How can my child die? He was only 2 years old!”

I broke down in the hospital. The doctor consoled me. He told me that a transplant and immediate therapy could make my son cancer-free.

But before we could feel any relief, we asked how much it would cost.

“Rs 20 lakh ($27186.48)”

My heart fell There is no way I can collect that amount.

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Poojan has cancer and needs to start treatment immediately

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My husband is disabled. He has polio and so I work as a laborer to support my family.

Since the pandemic, due to layoffs, even our finances have been affected.

We were forced to beg our family to lend us money to start the treatment of our son.

“For months, he has endured excruciatingly painful cancer treatment. Every time he groaned in pain, I felt an unbearable guilt that I couldn’t help my own son. I had no means to ease his suffering. There was no way.”

“We are not a rich family, but we have always been happy with what we had. It seems cruel that our son could die because we have no money. Please, please help us. My son is my whole.” The world is…”, my husband cries.

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My son still needs months, if not years of treatment. We have nothing left to sell, no money or valuables. We are sharing our story because we are in dire need of help.

20 lakh rupees ($27186.48) will be spent on the treatment of the worship.

This is a huge amount for Ashwini and her family. Please consider donating to Pooja to help fight cancer. Each bit raised will be used to cover the cost of his treatment alone.

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