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Hindus converting religion for marriage doing wrong: RSS chief

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday said Hindus converting to other religions for marriage are doing it wrong. He said this is happening for petty selfishness and because Hindu families are not giving their children the value of pride for their religion and traditions.

“How does the conversion happen? How do the boys and girls of our country go to other mothers? Because of small healthy people. To get married. Those who do wrong are a different matter. But our children don’t we decide? (How does conversion happen? How do our girls and boys convert to other religions? For petty selfishness, for marriage. It’s a different matter that those who do it are wrong. But aren’t we preparing our children), Bhagwat said during one. program in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, where he addressed RSS workers and their families.

“We will have to give this ceremony at home. Your own party pride. Proud of your religion. Basis for your worship. If questions come for him, then answer. Confuse nahi hona (We need to give them these values ​​at home. Instill respect for ourselves, our religion and our prayer traditions. If asked any questions, answer them, don’t get confused), he said .

Bhagwat’s statements on conversion have come at a time when many BJP-Governed states have brought in laws against alleged “love jihad” or what they call conversions for marriage. These laws are understood to have been brought under pressure from the RSS.

Bhagwat spoke at length about Indian family values ​​and their preservation. He also raised the issue of how only men appear in most RSS programs.

“The aim of the RSS is to organize the Hindu society. But when we organize RSS events, we see only men. Now if we want to organize the entire society, then 50 per cent of it is women.

Bhagwat said that Indians have always shared their wealth with others. He said that India had a lot of wealth till the arrival of the Mughals.

“From the 1st century to the 17th century – before the Mughal plundering of the country began – India was the most economically prosperous country in the world. Hence it was called the Sone ki Chidiya,” said Bhagwat.

The RSS chief also spoke about the need for parents to be careful what their children were watching on the OTT platform.

“OTT platforms show all kinds of things. What comes in the media is not in the perspective of what would be good for children and for our value system. We have to teach our children what to watch and what not to watch at home, Bhagwat said.


Praising the merits of the Indian family system, Bhagwat said that the West is studying the Indian family system. But it also added that there were forces working to destroy these values. “To keep the people enslaved, the West sent opium to China. The young man got addicted to opium and then the West ruled China. This is happening in our country also. When you see drug cases and where these drugs are coming from, you will know where and why it is coming from. And who is benefiting from it,” he said.

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