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Home Minister Amit Shah holds meeting with Power, Coal Ministers

Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with Power Minister RK Singh and Coal Minister Prahlad Joshi on Monday amid reports of shortage of coal in the country.

During the hour-long meeting, the three ministers are believed to have discussed the availability of coal to power plants and the current demands for electricity.

Top officials of the Ministry of Power and Coal attended the meeting.

Officials said the meeting came in the wake of several states warning of a possible power crisis due to short supply of coal to power plants.

According to the data, the power consumption of 3,900 MU on October 8 was the highest so far this month (from October 1 to October 9), which became a cause of concern even during the ongoing coal shortage.

On Saturday, Tata power arm Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (DDL), which operates in North and North West Delhi, had sent a phone message to its consumers saying, “Due to limited coal availability at generation plants across the North, power The supply scenario is at a critical level between 2 pm at 6 pm. Use electricity wisely. Be a responsible citizen. Sorry for the inconvenience- Tata Power-DDL.”

This was the result of a coal shortage at power plants in a year when the country produced record coal, but the rains affected the movement of fuel from the mines to the power generation units, leading to states such as Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and many more. Power generation was affected. Tamil Nadu.

Another factor that has contributed to the current crisis is that power plants, which use imported coal to generate electricity, have either reduced production or shut down entirely because of a drop in international energy prices. The boom has made it difficult for them to meet commitments to the states. Emotion.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Ministry of Power had said, “It was noted that the total dispatch of coal by Coal India Limited (CIL) reached 1.501 MT as on October 7, 2021, leaving the gap between consumption and actual supply.” The gap has narrowed.”

Ministry of Coal and CIL have assured that they are trying their best to increase the dispatch to the power sector to 1.6 MT per day in the next three days and touching 1.7 MT per day thereafter. This is likely to help in the gradual creation of coal reserves in power plants in the near future. Along with the supply of coal, the power situation is also likely to improve.

According to the data, on October 8, the highest demand for electricity was met or the highest power supply reached 172.41 GW during the day. This is the highest demand for electricity from October 1 to October 9.

The data also showed that peak power demand slowed to 170.03 GW on Saturday, October 9, indicating that power demand is easing with the onset of autumn.

The latest available data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) shows that the stock of coal in power plants as on October 7 was not sufficient as there were 16 plants with a cumulative capacity of 16,880 MW which had dry fuel for zero days.


In addition, 30 plants with 37,345 MW capacity had coal for just one day and 18 plants with 23,450 MW capacity had coal for two days till October 7.

There were 19 plants with a capacity of 29,160 MW with coal for three days and nine plants with a capacity of 7,864 MW with coal for four days.

Six plants with a capacity of 6,730 MW had coal reserves for five days, while 10 plants with a capacity of 11,540 MW had coal for six days.

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