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How much ghee should be included in your diet?

Opinions are always divided when it comes to clarified butter or ghee. While some of us eat GheeMany others avoid it for fear of gaining weight. However, the trick lies in having an amount that is beneficial to one’s health, while simultaneously enhancing the taste of the food without adding to it.

Here celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar tells how much ghee should be in your diet.

“Based on what we are eating, we need to add a proportionate amount of ghee,” she said in an Instagram video.

Elaborating on the ratio, she said, “For millets like nachni or ragi, you will need to add a little more ghee than for dal and rice,” she said.

So, how much is too much?

Ghee is enough to enhance the taste but not so much that it masks the taste Eat, she added.

Even before this, Diwekar has talked about the consumption of ghee.

“It depends on what you are eating, and this information is part of our collective food knowledge. Comparison of foods like dal-rice, khichdi, roti-sabzi, puran poli, dal baati, bajra roti etc. I will require less ghee. Ask your grandmother if you have any confusion,” she said.

Ghee, which is rich in many Vitamins Those that are essential for the immune system should be included in at least one meal each day.

“Make sure you are getting around 3-6 teaspoons of ghee per day/per person. The key is that ghee should enhance the flavor of the food and not mask it,” he said, adding that a spoonful of ghee is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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