I never sought help from Aamir Khan to make a career: Faisal Khan

Mumbai: Actor-director Faisal Khan, who is Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s brother, says that despite all the struggles he has faced in his life over the years, he has never sought help from his famous brother as he wants to take his own journey. wanted.

Now, after being away from the limelight for almost a decade, Faesal is coming up with a feature film titled ‘Factory’ as an actor and director.

Asked if he sought help from his brother Aamir to resume his career in Bollywood, Faisal told IANS: “No, I didn’t ask Aamir for help to build my career. I wanted to do things myself because Whatever it is, my success is mine. My failure is mine. He is my brother, he wants the best for me but I have to go through a dark phase, which is part of my journey. This is my life.

“Isn’t it funny that when someone struggles to make something of his own and doesn’t have the same success as other siblings, he’s asked why don’t you ask for support and help? But if he takes support And achieve success, it’s called nepotism? Yes, my life was tough but now I really want to get back to acting and directing films. I need the opportunity to grow and I’m emotionally and physically to work my way up I’m ready.”

Faisal started his career as a junior actor and appeared in the films ‘Pyaar Ka Mausam’, ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ and also worked as an assistant director with his father and uncle. Later he acted in films like ‘Madhosh’, ‘Mela’, ‘Border Hindustan Ka’ but he did not get as much success as his brother.

However, now that he is releasing his directorial debut ‘Factory’, which also stars Roli Ryan, Raj Kumar Kanojia and Ribbu Mehra, Faisal says there is a reason why he and his producer have opposed a theatrical release. did. OTT platform.

“We were told that it is a short film and there is no popular face attached to our film. So then my producer decided to opt for a theatrical release. It was not good to feel that on one hand we are supporting small films. Talking about doing films and on the other hand, films get rejected like this. I think everyone should get a chance.”

The film ‘Factory’ is releasing in cinemas on 3rd September.

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