iMessages vs. Text Messages: Know the Difference

When cell phones were first introduced, users could only do two things – make phone calls and send messages or SMS using the cellular network.

Then came smartphones and Internet connections, enabling users to send texts, photos, and videos using the Internet over cellular networks.

While WhatsApp is a universal option for messaging, iPhone users also use iMessages – Apple’s own instant messaging service.

What are iMessages?

First and foremost, iMessage only works on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It is an instant messaging service that sends messages over the Internet. Without data connection or WiFi, iMessage doesn’t work.

So, when an iPhone user has to send a text to another iPhone user, he can use iMessage or text messages. But when the person using the Android phone has to send the message, the iPhone user has to use the SMS service.

What are text messages or SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. Although people still use the SMS service widely to send texts, it was a very popular service when cell phones were first introduced. The SMS service is available for both Android and iOS users and requires a text messaging plan with a cellular carrier to send messages.

How are text messages and iMessages different?

– The most basic difference between an iMessage and a text message is that an iMessage is sent using an internet connection and the latter is delivered over a cellular network.

– Another difference is that the iMessage service can only be accessed on Apple devices and the SMS service can be used on any device.

– While iMessages syncs with iCloud, it is difficult to create a backup for text messages.

– On an iPhone, iMessages appear in blue bubbles while text messages appear in green bubbles.

– iMessages come with support for features that text messaging doesn’t. With iMessage, you can share your location, receive read receipts, and see if someone has answered or started typing your message. It also enables you to send stickers, songs, animated GIFs, etc.

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