India is one of the few countries that have complete technology in the space sector: PM Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched the Indian Space Association (ISA), an industry body that aspires to be the voice of the country’s space sector, and underscored his government’s commitment to reforms, saying the country has a more decisive There has never been a government.

Modi cited the government’s success in privatizing loss-making public airline Air India, saying it showed its commitment and seriousness.

He said that the government’s policy regarding the public sector is that the areas where it is not needed should be opened to private enterprises.

The Prime Minister mentioned the opening up of many sectors from space to defense to private companies, and said that his government has taken into account the national interest as well as the needs of various stakeholders.

He said that India is witnessing reforms on such a massive scale because its vision is clear, which is about ‘Self-reliant India’.

Modi said that India is one of the few countries which have complete technology in the space sector.

He said that the government as a partner is helping the industry, young innovators, start-ups and will continue to do so.

He said that his government’s vision for reforming the space sector is based on four pillars; Giving the private sector the freedom to innovate, the government is playing an enabling role, preparing the youth for the future and looking at this sector as a resource to help the common man develop.

The government has said that ISPA will advocate the policy and engage with all stakeholders in the Indian space sector, including the government and its agencies.

Echoing the Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, ISPA will help make India self-reliant, technologically advanced and a leading player in the space sector.

ISpA is represented by leading domestic and global corporations with advanced capabilities in space and satellite technologies.

Its founding members include Larsen & Toubro, Nelco (Tata Group), OneWeb, Bharti Airtel, MapmyIndia, Walchandnagar Industries and Anant Technology Limited.

Other prominent members include Godrej, Hughes India, Azista-BST Aerospace Pvt Ltd, BEL, Centum Electronics and Maxar India.

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