“Can COVID-19 be caught with a vaccine?”: Health Minister unveils myths

Can one catch COVID-19 from a vaccine? ': Health Minister to get rid of myths

India will begin its COVID-19 vaccination campaign on Saturday.

new Delhi:

Prior to the COVID-19 vaccination campaign starting on Saturday, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan took to Twitter on Thursday to clear doubts about the vaccines.

Posting a series of graphics on Twitter, the minister addressed vaccine-like apprehensions, leading to infertility or coronovirus infection.

He said in a tweet, “There is no scientific evidence that #COVIDVaccine can cause infertility in men or women. Please ignore such rumors or information.”

The minister said, “You cannot contract # COVID19 because you should not be confused with the temporary side effects of # COVID19Vaccine such as mild fever such as contracting #COVID.”

On Saturday, the government will launch what it says World’s largest vaccination program Together Shots made in india – One developed by Oxford University and pharma giant AstraZeneca, the other by Bharat Biotech International and India’s top clinical research body.

Authority will treat domestic COVID-19 vaccine “equally” Major global oneEven though the efficacy of home medicine has not been proven, and people will have no choice what they get, government officials have indicated.


Administering Kovaxin to India Biotech, a move by politicians has worried some health experts who believe it, as the vaccine is limited only to “clinical-trial mode” approval and did not complete Phase 3 trials Is when its efficacy is measured.

This month experts from India’s drug regulator recommended strict monitoring for kovaxine, as is done during clinical trials, especially if cases of infection by mutant strains of the virus spread rapidly. At the same time, the government wants more and more people to be vaccinated according to the demand for vaccines to supply vaccines.

Health advocacy groups, watchdogs and opposition politicians have questioned the vaccine’s approval, which came a day after authorities asked Hyderabad-Bharat Biotech that it would work for more evidence.

(With inputs from agencies)

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