Congress MP did notice of adjournment motion in Lok Sabha in Myanmar


New Delhi: Congress MP Manish Tiwari on Monday gave a notice of adjournment motion in the Lok Sabha on the issue of granting coup-affected Myanmar citizens to India.

“In addition, I urge you to move a motion for adjournment of the home business to give notice of my intention, which is for the purpose of discussing a certain matter of immediate importance: – India limits Has sealed all entry points with. The Congress leader said in a letter, “In the midst of the ongoing military offensive following the February coup by Myanmar. The government is preventing any citizen of Myanmar from entering the country. “

“Mizoram, bordering Myanmar, is inhabited by Chin communities who are ethnically our brothers and India cannot ignore them. India is a signatory to the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which violates the principle of non-rectification and is sending. He said that violating the ICCPR and the United Nations Convention against Refugee Atrocities in Myanmar. I request permission to take up the matter, ”he said.

The adjournment motion is an extraordinary process which, if accepted, leads to the separation of the general business of the House to discuss a certain matter of immediate public importance.

AAP MP ND Gupta wrote a letter to Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday, requesting the adjournment of the Parliament session. The request comes against the backdrop of Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla testing positive for COVID-19.


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