No violation in Odisha region, tells Andhra Pradesh supreme court

No violation in Odisha region, tells Andhra Pradesh supreme court

The Andhra Pradesh government told the apex court that the petition filed by Odisha has been misconstrued.

New Delhi:

The Andhra Pradesh government told the Supreme Court that there has been no violation of its direction and that it is duly operating its own areas and has not violated the neighboring Odisha region.

Odisha has sought contempt action against senior officials of Andhra Pradesh for notifying the panchayat elections in the three ‘disputed area’ villages of the petitioner state.

The Andhra Pradesh government told the apex court that the petition filed by Odisha has been considered completely wrong and in view of the fact that it is not a contempt, whatever is committed by it.

Seeking to dismiss the contempt petition filed by Odisha, the Andhra government told the apex court that Odisha indirectly wanted to achieve what it had failed to achieve as a direct verdict of the 2006 top court, He dismissed the suit filed by Odisha on the ground that it was not maintainable under Article 131 of the Constitution.

“Without the aforesaid partisanship, it is most respectfully submitted that assuming there is any undertaking given by the parties to the court, it is law that only one action can be taken in respect of a violation of contempt if The court has passed an order based on such an undertaking. There was no such undertaking in the present case, “the state government said in its affidavit.

“It is most submitted that the State of Andhra Pradesh has not taken any step in violation of any agreement / directive. The State of Andhra Pradesh is duly administering its territories and did not violate the petitioner’s territory is,” .

Andhra Pradesh told the apex court that it is continuously conducting elections in Ganjibadra, Patuchenuru and Paguluchenuru villages and they fall in the No.1 Araku Lok Sabha constituency and No. 1 Saluru state constituency.

“The SC clearly mentioned, after dismissing the suit, that it was merely filing the fact that the parties had entered into a mutual agreement. Therefore, by any clause of the spec, it cannot be said That the undertaking was violated or that any order / direction

Passed by this Honorable Court. Therefore this contempt petition is eligible to be dismissed on this basis alone.

The state government told the apex court that since the year 1952, there have been frequent elections for the Lok Sabha and the state assembly in the above villages and as far as the local body elections are concerned, it has conducted local body elections in these three villages. Establishment of Panchayat Raj Act.

“The respondent stated that even in the years 2006 and 2013, elections were held in the respective panchayats and the following person was elected sarpanch. As above, it is clear that the villages within the state. Of Andhra Pradesh.


“Therefore, absolutely no contempt has been committed which has been excluded. The petitioner has also failed to refer to any document,” it said.

The apex court on 9 February notified Andhra Pradesh to register its response to a petition filed for contempt action against senior officials of the southern state for notifying the panchayat elections in the three ‘disputed area’ villages of the petitioning state Said.

More than five decades after the first status quo on the territorial jurisdiction dispute with the AP with more than 21 villages, Odisha has once again moved the top court to notify the panchayat elections in its three villages against southern state officials Contempt is demanded.

The Naveen Patnaik government has called notification amount to invade the region of Odisha.

The dispute over territorial jurisdiction over 21 villages, popularly referred to as the villages of the Kotia group, first reached the top court in 1968 when Odisha based on three information – December 1, 1920, October 8, 1923 and 15 Released on October 1927. It is claimed that Andhra Pradesh occupied its well-defined territory.

During the pendency of the suit filed by Odisha, the apex court on December 2, 1968, directed the two states to maintain status quo until settlement of the suit and stated that, there would be no further entry or impediment on the areas in dispute, any Part of the party.

The suit filed by Odisha under Article 131 of the Constitution (the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court on any dispute between the Center and the state of the Constitution) was finally dismissed on 30 March 2006 by the apex court on technical grounds and the two states By consent it has been directed that the status quo should be maintained till the dispute is resolved.

Now, the Odisha government has demanded contempt action against three senior officials of AP – Modi Hari Jawaharlal (idea-1), Collector of Vizianagaram district; Adityanath Das, AP Chief Secretary (Chintak-2), and N. Ramesh Kumar, Andhra Pradesh State Election Commissioner (Chintak-3).

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