The second edition of the 2-day coastal defense exercise Sagar Vigilance will begin on Tuesday

The second edition of the 2-day coastal defense exercise Sagar Vigilance will begin on Tuesday

The C Vigil national security exercise to begin in 2019 will cover India’s coastline. (Representative)

new Delhi:

The second edition of India’s most comprehensive coastal defense exercise, C Vigil, will begin on Tuesday, with the Indian Navy announcing the start of a two-day exercise covering the country’s 13 coastal states and union territories.

C Vigil-21 is to test the efficacy of the security procedures imposed after the 26/11 terror attack, when the terrorists entered Mumbai by sea route.

First launched in 2019, the national security exercise will be carried out along the entire 7,516 km coastal area and the Special Economic Zone of India. It will be coordinated by the Indian Navy, and will include governments of all coastal states and other stakeholders, including the fishing community.

The Indian Navy said in an official statement released on Monday, “The exercise aims to assess India’s maritime security and coastal defense preparedness. It will provide a realistic assessment of our strengths and weaknesses and help strengthen our national security.”

According to the Navy, the scale and ideological breadth of Sea Vigil is unprecedented in terms of geographical scale, number of stakeholders, objectives to be met and participating units, including the Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Customs and other maritime agencies.


It is the premier theater-level exercise Tropex (theater-level readiness operational exercise) that the Indian Navy conducts for two years.

The Indian Navy said, “Sea Vigil and Tropex together cover the entire spectrum of maritime security challenges, ranging from peace to conflict.”

The safety exercise is being facilitated by the ministries of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, Shipping, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Fisheries, Customs, State Governments and other central and state agencies.

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