Indian Railways: Want a confirmed lower berth for senior citizens? IRCTC tells you how

Train travel is the preferred mode of long distance travel for most Indians and Indian Railways serves a large number of customers every day. While booking tickets online obviously makes life easier, it often happens that despite booking under the senior citizen category, one gets the middle or upper berth, which is difficult for many elderly people. So will you get a confirmed lower berth? This is what the Railways had to say.

‘Senior citizens get lower berths’

Last month, a Twitter user wrote a letter to the Indian Railways saying that IRCTC should improve its process. Tagging Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, the passenger wrote, “What logic do you use for seat allotment, I had booked ticket for 3 senior citizens with lower berth preference, 102 berths are available, still allotted berth There are middle, upper and side. Low. U need to correct that (sic).”


Replying to Jitendra S, IRCTC tweeted, “Sir, Lower berth / Senior Citizen quota berth is only 60 years and above, lower berth is earmarked for a woman of 45 years and above, when she is single or two passengers (traveling on one ticket).” IRCTC further said that if there are more than two senior citizens or one is a senior citizen and the other is not a senior citizen, the system will not consider it.

Last year, the Railways suspended concessional tickets for several categories of people, including senior citizens, to discourage non-essential travel in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Railways also said that the concessions for senior citizens have been withdrawn as that category has the highest risk of spreading the virus and mortality due to COVID-19. This is a bid to discourage non-essential travel.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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