China and Indians can only allow people from 19 countries if they take Chinese vaccines


Beijing / New Delhi: China has made it mandatory for people coming from India and 19 other countries to get Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines if they want to travel to this country.

“With the objective of resuming people-to-people exchanges in a systematic manner beginning on March 15, 2021, Chinese embassies and consulates in India take Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines and keep certificates of vaccination Will be provided to the individuals., “A notice posted at the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi stated.

The announcement makes little difference to thousands of Indian students, apart from professionals working in China and their family members who are stuck in India and waiting to allow their return to Beijing as any Chinese in India Vaccines are not available.

The Chinese Embassy notice does not explain how Indians can use Chinese-made vaccines in India as they are not available in the country.

More than 23,000 Indian students, most of them medical students, besides hundreds of professionals working in China have been stuck in India since last year due to Coronavirus travel restrictions.

Despite repeated representations by the Indian embassy and appeals by students, China is yet to respond positively.

The State-run Global Times reported that such notices were imposed by Chinese embassies in 20 countries.

When asked about the justification for regulating the introduction of Chinese vaccines in countries where Chinese vaccines are not available in India, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a media briefing here on Tuesday that many countries have vaccinated conditions The idea is to connect with opening up international trips.

“Our proposal to make the journey from Chinese vaccines to vaccinators easier has been made after deep consideration of the safety and efficacy of Chinese vaccines,” he said.

“We believe that this is a meaningful discovery to facilitate international travel after mass vaccination. It is not linked to the recognition of Chinese vaccines,” he said.

When it was reported that it would not be better if China recognizes vaccines supported by WHO, which is yet to approve Chinese vaccines, Zhao said, “China’s proposal is a meaningful step.

We are trying to make international travel easier ”.

“This is a unilateral arrangement by the Chinese side. This is a different thing from vaccine recognition,” he said.

The WHO has already approved Pfizer, Modern and AstraZeneca vaccines.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is being manufactured by the Serum Institute in Pune under the name Covishield.


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