France sent summons to Pakistan to protest President Arif Alvi’s comments on the anti-bigotry bill

Paris: France on Tuesday dismissed Pakistan’s accusations for opposing comments by President Arif Alvi on the new radical anti-bill introduced in France’s parliament and asked Islamabad to adopt a “constructive attitude” to bilateral relations. Addressing an event on Sunday, the President of Pakistan urged France’s political leadership not to “bring a discriminatory attitude against Muslims into laws” and warned that doing so would have dire consequences in the shape of hatred and conflict.

Alvi’s remarks came in the context of an anti-radical bill passed by the lower house of the French Parliament on Tuesday, which would strengthen the oversight of mosques by an overwhelming majority. The French Foreign Ministry expressed “surprise and disapproval” over Alvi’s remarks and clarified that the bill contained no discriminatory provisions and was guided by the fundamental principles relating to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience.

D’Afair, in charge of Pakistan’s embassy in France, has been called on a related bill to strengthen the honor during a conference by the Pakistani President for Europe and Foreign Affairs, to be held from 20 to 21 February. To the principles of the Republic, ”the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry clarified that the Bill is guided by the fundamental principles relating to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, makes no distinction between different religions and hence its provisions will also apply to all religions. “We expressed our surprise and disapproval, while the bill contains no discriminatory provisions in accordance with our constitution and our international commitments. Extensive consultations on the bill were conducted by representatives of major religions, civil society, organizations and political parties.” Read the statement.

“Pakistan should understand this and adopt a constructive attitude regarding our bilateral relations,” he said. Addressing an international conference on religious freedom and the rights of minorities, Alvi said that French law was not in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations and denied the sense of social harmony that Europe had previously established in its society.

“you [France] There is no need to bring people together and seal a religion in a certain way, as reported by the Express Tribune, “let not be a retrograde move for situations.” Out of hostility and to situations that are escalated by those who do not know about the real Islam. “

The bill titled “Respect for the principles of the Republic” was passed by the French lower house on Tuesday. It aims to strengthen the surveillance of mosques, schools and sports clubs to protect France from radical Islamists and to promote respect for French values. Relations between France and Pakistan deteriorated in 2020 when the Pakistani leadership attacked the French government and President Emmanuel Macron for not condemning the Prophet’s imprisonment.

In January, the top adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron, Emmanuel Bonne, said that relations between France and Pakistan are “historically low” between terrorist attacks in the former nation. During this crisis, after our campaign. Our relations with Pakistan are probably historically low. It is not exactly what we want, we accept it because our priorities and language are clear, ”he said during an event in New Delhi.


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