The team investigating COVID-19 to visit China on 14 January welcomes WHO’s move

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday (January 11, 2021) welcomed China’s announcement regarding the entry of a team investigating COVID-19 origin.

On January 14, the WHO team of international experts investigating COVID-19 origin will arrive in China, reports the news agency Reuters.

WHO Director General Tedros Adnom Ghebius welcomed the news and said, “We are working closely with our Chinese counterparts on this important mission to identify the source of the virus and the path of introduction to the human population.”

Specially, WHO chiefs were ‘very disappointed’ recently China delayed the entry of the same team.

“Today we came to know that the Chinese authorities have not yet finalized the necessary permission for the team to come to China. I am very disappointed with the news that two members had started their journey and the other had to travel at the last minute. Were not able to do. ” On January 5, Tedros Adnom Ghebaius said.

It should be noted that WHO has been blamed for dealing with outbreaks of coronovirus. President of the United States In April 2020 Donald Trump withheld funding of his country for WHO And added that the funding would remain stalled as long as the WHO’s role is being held to be seriously mismanaged and to cover the spread of coronaviruses.

“WHO has failed in its core duty and should be held accountable.” Donald Trump said.

“If the WHO had done its job to get medical experts in China to assess the situation on the ground and overcome China’s lack of transparency, the outbreak could have vested at its source with very few deaths. It would have caused thousands of lives Life would have survived. Life and worldwide economic damage was avoided. Instead, the WHO voluntarily assured to confront China’s values ​​and defended the actions of the Chinese government, “Trump commented.

According to the WHO, meanwhile, worldwide COVID-19 confirmed infections have increased to 8,88,28,387. More than 222 countries, regions or regions with coronovirus cases have also been confirmed to have 19,26,625 deaths.

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