Trump capital responsible for riot but impeachment a “mistake”: top Republican

Trump Capital Riot but Responsible for Impeachment 'Mistake': Top Republican

Trump’s impeachment would trigger a lawsuit in the US military. (File)


Top Republicans in the House of Representatives said on Wednesday that Donald Trump “takes responsibility” for inciting a riot in the US Capitol, but warned that a presidential impeachment would be inappropriate.

“It would be a mistake to impeach the president in such a short time frame” because this country has to be further divided, “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement, an hour before House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Was expected to bring impeachment for Trump. An unprecedented second time.

But he admitted that Trump “takes responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob riots.”

He also said that Congress should pass a “censor resolution” against the president, a public but largely symbolic denunciation, which is opposed by Democrats because it does not bear any concrete penalty.

Trump’s impeachment would lead to a lawsuit in the US Senate, in which he was acquitted a year ago.

But the Senate is on recess until January 19, the day before Democrat Joe Biden’s inauguration, and its Republican majority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, will not agree to bring the chamber back in session early to address impeachment.

“The Senate has confirmed that no hearing will begin until after President-elect Biden is sworn in,” McCarthy said.

This means that the Senate will take the historic step of initiating impeachment trials with the President, who will no longer be in office.


Republicans repeatedly insisted that the process of an impeachment – no hearing, no formal witness presentation, and with little evidence – would open Pandora’s box. like.

McCarthy was among his party’s many lawmakers who supported Trump’s evil attempts to contest election results in several states over baseless claims of massive electoral fraud.

But on Wednesday, with six House Republicans now publicly stating that they would vote for impeachment, McCarthy confirmed Biden’s election victory and said he was “ready to assist” the new president.

McCarthy said, “Let us be clear: Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States in a week, because he won the election.”

“The eyes of the country and the world are upon us. We should seize this opportunity to heal and become stronger.”

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