Valentine’s Day: Couples in Thailand tie knots on elephants – see photos

Bangkok: Fifty couples in Thailand got married while riding elephants in an annual Valentine’s Day mass wedding ceremony in a botanical garden east of Bangkok.

Dancers and a band led the procession of elephants and couples and a local official, also on an elephant, oversaw the signing of the marriage license.

Valentine's Day: Couples in Thailand tie knots on elephants

Valentine's day

“For me, I had been planning for a long time that if I were to sign a marriage license one day, it should be an extraordinary event,” said Patipatan Panthan, a 26-year-old groom, sitting with his 23-year-old bride.

The elephant’s back wedding is an annual event at the Nong Nouch Tropical Garden in Chonburi province that usually attracts up to a hundred couples. But this year the number was reduced due to the coronovirus epidemic.

In Thailand, couples tie knots on elephants

Valentine's Day: Couples in Thailand tie knots on elephants

Kampon Tansacha, president of Nong Nouch Tropical Garden, said that due to strict screening protocols for visitors, people felt safe and have started coming back to visit the botanical park, which entertains geological gardens around the world Displays.

Thailand’s tourism-dependent country has lifted a travel ban imposed last April to curb the outbreak, keeping most foreign investors away.

(Photos taken from Reuters)

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