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‘It is our actions that define who we are’: Corey Booker

Speaking to students at the University of Pennsylvania, author and politician Cory Booker offered many words of wisdom. “So I confess to you, when I was graduating from college, I felt like I knew a lot and now that I’m almost twice your age, I don’t trust what I know. In fact, I am the kind of person who believes that I am in conflict, as are all of us. The beautiful thing I have felt is that we are all in this struggle together. We understand that between us There are differences, gaps and gaps, but we are far more united, far more inseparable, involved in a greater common conflict than we know,” he said.

“And so what I want to do in a nutshell today is acknowledge two things that I struggle with and it’s really two stories, one from someone in history that I’ve come to admire and the other is probably one of mine. greatest guru ever. man of history, this is a short story, i don’t even know if it is apocryphal or not but it is a point i struggle with and this is a story about mahatma gandhi , “They said.

He spoke of Gandhi, recalling a story he concluded – “Really, in fact, a much bigger speech than you have prepared, more than a bigger goal or a bigger dream, than a bigger fight.” More, more than our caste, more than our religion, it is our everyday actions that define who we are, they define us. I have started learning in my life that maybe one day you The greatest thing one can do is actually do a small act of kindness, decency, love, a display of moral imagination, or creative compassion.”

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