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‘It tasted bitter, I still went ahead with it’: Tahira Kashyap Khurana admitted to hospital for poisoned juice

Tahira Kashyap Khurana’s health had deteriorated recently. She told her followers on Instagram that she was in the ICU for two days due to a serious case of food poisoning.

“I had something known as gourd poisoning, which is milky… your gentle doodhi can do this to you. If it tastes bitter, please don’t have it,” Tahira shared in a video said in.

He told that he had consumed a poisonous mixture of gourd juice, which included bottle gourd, amla and some haldi (turmeric). “I used to drink fresh juice in the morning. But that day, it tasted bitter and I still went ahead with it. The doctor said it was almost like having cyanide.

She continued, saying she thought the drink was bitter because it had “more vitamin C in it.” He warned his followers against making the same mistake.

“Immediately [after consumption] My body reacted. I vomited about 17 times and my blood pressure dropped to 40.”

While it sounds very dangerous, nutritionist and health coach Karishma Shah explains That this has happened to a lot of people. “One must keep in mind that not all vegetables can be raw. There is a very clear difference between some that you can eat raw as a salad, and others that you should never eat raw. Doodhi is one of them,” she says.

Nutritionist and health coach Karishma Shah says that one should never consume raw milk. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Shah explains that over time, experts have realized that bottle gourd can cause adverse effects. “There have been cases in which people have consumed the juice and the milk has spoiled, due to which they have been taken to the ICU. This can cause shortness of breath and many other problems. This is quite normal, as we have no control over the kind of produce that is coming to us. We can’t really cut and taste it every day before consuming it. I would not advise people to eat raw milk. You can blanch it, boil it, and use it as a vegetable or soup. It cooks and thus remains safe,” she concluded.

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