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Joe Biden says he and China’s Xi agree to abide by Taiwan accord

“I have spoken with Xi about Taiwan. We agree… we will abide by the Taiwan Agreement,” he said. “We’ve made it clear that I don’t think he should do anything other than abide by the agreement.”

Biden appeared to be referring to Washington’s long-standing “one-China policy”, under which it officially recognizes Beijing instead of Taipei, and the Taiwan Relations Act, which clarifies that relations with the US the decision to establish diplomatic relations
Instead of Taiwan, Beijing rests on the hope that Taiwan’s future will be determined by peaceful means.

Remarks to reporters at the White House – told of a spending package after Biden returns from a trip to Michigan – interrupt Increase in Taiwan-China relations.

China claims Taiwan as its territory, which must be taken by force if necessary. Taiwan says it is an independent country and will defend its freedom and democracy, blaming China for tensions.

Taiwan has reported 148 Chinese Air Force planes flying south and southwest of its air defense zone over a four-day period starting Friday, the same day China celebrated a major patriotic holiday, National Day.

The United States on Sunday urged China to halt its military activities near Taiwan.


“The United States is deeply concerned by the People’s Republic of China’s provocative military activity near Taiwan that is destabilizing, miscalculating and causing regional peace and stability,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement on Sunday. weakening it.”

Biden also appeared to refer to a 90-minute call he had with Xi on September 9, his first in seven months, in which he discussed the need to ensure that competition between the world’s two largest economies ceases. Don’t change in

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