Karan Kundrra Pins Prateik Sahajpal, Chokeslams Him During Bigg Boss 15 Task, Fans Demand Eviction!

New Delhi: The Big Daddy of all reality shows – Bigg Boss 15 is managing to remain in news almost every day without fail. Be it love for the physical fights going on inside the house, the show is doing the rounds on social media. TV actor and host Karan Kundrra turned violent during a task with Prateek Sahajpal in last night’s episode.

During the task, Kundra not only pinned Prateek Sahajpal, who was trying to snatch the blue paper sheet, but also slammed him to the ground, enraging the netizens. Fans of Bigg Boss OTT fame Prateek Sahajpal are upset over no response from the makers of Bigg Boss as the announcement was made only once, asking the two to stay away from each other.

There has been a flood of reaction of fans on social media. Demanded eviction of Karan Kundra for being violent in the task. Of all the contestants, only Jai Bhanushali raised his voice against Kundra’s act and categorically stated that it was wrong and he was interrupted by Tejasvi Prakash, Kundra’s partner in the act.

Notably, in Bigg Boss OTT, Zeeshan Khan was kicked out of the show for the violence though his physicality level in the task was much less than Kundra.

Fans are waiting for the makers to take action against this TV actor.

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