Leenalov, an award-winning entrepreneur, explains how to build a successful social media personality

Due to COVID-19 almost everyone has to stay in their homes. As a result, people use social media to relieve their stress. So, if you have confidence in yourself, you can take this difficult lifestyle as an opportunity. You can create your own successful social media personality.

So are you ready to fulfill your dream? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Today, the guest speaker is Lina Pedraza, better known as Lena Love, a successful entrepreneur on the social media platform. Apart from this, she is a content creator, video game player, makeup artist, and musician. Not only this, this multitalented woman is also doing ASMR on networks like Twitch and Instagram. Simply, he is an all-rounder. So, this golden opportunity is for you to gain their knowledge and experience.

So, you know who I am. So, without going into further details, let me tell you my secret to building a successful social media personality. Here are the key factors for building a strong social media brand for you.

Build a strong and unique social media personality

Generally, as a person, you have a personality. Just like that, your account also has a personality that resonates with your followers. Here you have to establish a personality that you love to see on the digital platform. It can be a more mature formal tone, a cool or casual vibe, or teenyboppers. It completely depends on your preference.

Once you’ve selected your social media persona, it should automatically be derived from the images you’ve uploaded to the account, the choice of captions, colors, and words. So, it will help if you give utmost thought to it.

Simply, you should treat your social media account as a living being with its own style of expression, personality traits and quirks. Therefore, you should avoid doing unnecessary things through your account. It can damage your social media personality.

For example, there are many ways to build a social media personality. When you want to use Facebook you can use memes, splash page and show your talent. In Twitter, you can go with creative backgrounds, informative and searchable headlines, and user-generated content.

Try to be an expert in your subject

My secret here is to learn, learn and learn. If you follow one or more subjects or fields, it is beneficial to have a strong command over the subject. As a result, people will automatically follow you. And don’t forget to share your knowledge with them.

Also, don’t go for covering everything under the sun. This is not good. For example, most content creators know themselves as lifestyle bloggers. Then they cover everything. But the important thing is that they should find a niche suitable for their personality – for example, the premium lifestyle, fitness, and wellness lifestyle, beauty or travel lifestyle.

interact with your community

The best thing about social media is that it is an interactive platform. Therefore, you should encourage your followers to show their opinion about your place/product/experience. Also, it’s better to respond to every comment, including non-abusive negative comments and criticisms. However, don’t forget that the way you respond to followers’ comments reflects your personality. So, keep that in mind.

So take advantage of every obstacle that comes in life and try to conquer life. Thank you.

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