LPG subsidy: Center planning a new scheme for LPG cylinder? Here’s How Consumers Can Take Advantage

New Delhi: The central government may bring new changes related to the subsidy received on LGP cylinders. Discussions are currently underway, and an internal government survey shows that customers are willing to pay up to Rs 1000 for refilling LPG cylinders. This means that the prices of LPG cylinders may increase further in the coming days.

According to sources quoted in a report in Naveen Bharat Hindi, the Indian government is currently considering two proposals. The first option is to sell cylinders to any consumer without subsidy. However, the second option makes room for subsidies, but only for select consumers.

Although nothing has been officially clarified by the government yet, but reports suggest that the government may impose a cap on subsidies. For example, families with a family income of Rs 10 lakh or more will not be able to apply the subsidy. This will help in giving subsidy to the needy.

For the past several months, the central government has stopped the subsidy on LPG from May 2020. The move was taken following the fall in the price of crude oil and gas in the international markets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the subsidy given by the government has not stopped completely. For example, in FY21, the government’s expenditure on subsidies was Rs 3,559. However, in comparison, the expenditure in FY 2020 stood at Rs 24,468 crore. Read also: Flipkart Big Billion Days: Samsung, Realme, Oppo, Motorola to launch new smartphones ahead of mega sale

The beefed-up number in FY20 was stated in the backdrop of the DBTL scheme, in which customers had to pay in full for LPG cylinders to get the subsidy in their bank accounts later. This scheme, which was started by the central government in January 2015, was recently stopped by the central government. Read also: 2021 Volkswagen Taigun India Launched Today: Check Expected Price, Features and Specs

By Naveen Bharat Staff



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