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‘Mamata trying to convert Congress into Congress(M)…driving nail in opposition’: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

Spoke to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Leader of Congress Party in Lok Sabha, MP from Berhampur and Bengal Pradesh Congress President Naveen Bharat. Part:

after that Lakhimpur cucumber incident, Rakesh Tikait And Chandrashekhar Azad was allowed to meet families, but not Congress leaders. Why?

It is a clear expression that the ruling system and BJP The Chief Minister is in favor of regional parties like Bhim Party and Trinamool Congress. This is because they feel that these parties and organizations have a softer view and can be allowed. The access provided to them will have no effect on the BJP. Hence the BJP thinks that it is prudent to allow Tikait and TMC. TMC is playing another role by breaking the convergence of the opposition parties. Carrot for BJP is for TMC, stick for Congress.

but shown by sheer grit and determination Priyanka Gandhi And the adamant attitude of the Congress forced the BJP government to bow down. His zeal and valor to oppose intimidation by the Yogi government has boosted the morale of Congress workers across the country and we would now expect him to play a more vocal role.

What is the strategy of Congress in UP?

There is no political strategy. This is a sign of solidarity with the farming community. It was a humane and ethical approach to the farming community. Political strategy will be prepared by senior leaders and you will be informed about it. For the time being, the Congress party will continue to oppose the cruel attitude of the government. Why were the farmers crushed? The BJP government has to answer this.

Congress leaders, former CMs and MLAs, leaders from states like Assam, Goa and Meghalaya joining TMC and talking of “joining Congress family”?

Mamata Banerjee Trying to convert Congress into Congress(M) by motivating and attracting Congress leaders from different parts of India. Through this she is becoming a weapon of Modi’s grip on power. She is driving a nail in the opposition coalition. I want to remind you that Rajiv Gandhi promoted him in the hierarchy of Congress. Later, he got a ministerial post in the Congress-led UPA. Now the same person is stabbing Congress in the back because of his political ambitions. Congress is an easy target as it still enjoys closeness with some Congress leaders.

You are saying that TMC is trying to emerge as the new Congress?

In the last Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 37.36 percent votes. Sixty percent voted against the BJP. Electoral mathematics will not be able to stop Modi’s chariot without an alliance. Mamta Banerjee has started counterattacking. Deliberate sabotage in collusion with TMC Prashant KishorBJP is likely to get relief from IPAC… It is not irrational for anyone to dream of becoming PM. But harnessing the electoral dividend would not be possible without an alliance. Interestingly, after being questioned by the ED (Enforcement Directorate in Delhi), Mamata Banerjee’s nephew launched a scathing attack against the Congress. His arguments were based on lies. Before the BJP in 1925, there was the RSS. Since its inception, the Congress has fought against the BJP politically, ideologically and culturally. Mamata Banerjee was the blue-eyed BJP in the first NDA government, where she got the railway portfolio. He had an alliance with the BJP and got two MPs from Bengal. The party was a stranger to the people here. He should apologize to the people of Bengal for giving a call to BJP in the state.

When Amarinder Singh left the party, Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned, what is the problem for the party in Punjab?

What happened in Punjab is unfortunate. Mr. Singh played an important role in the Congress, he is a senior leader, but in the last five years, his popularity has waned, due to the anti-incumbency factor. In the last days of his tenure, the party asked him to step down. This was to weaken the anti-incumbency wave. Mr. Singh said that Sidhu is emotional. I think he is as emotional as Mr Sidhu. 78 MLAs opposed him… there was no personal enmity. Mr. Sidhu is also a popular leader.

In Chhattisgarh, we also see a face-off between CM Bhupesh Baghel and TS Singh Deo.

It is up to our high command. I am not aware of what the high command has said about the chief minister’s post… all I can say is that both Mr. Baghel and Mr. Singh Deo are our senior and respected leaders and are there to resolve any differences between them. Political maturity. As far as issues within our party are concerned, I appeal to them not to do anything that will strengthen the hands of BJP.

Kapil Sibal’s house was attacked after questioning the party leadership. there was silence from Sonia GandhiRahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi on this.

Please don’t make mountains out of molehills. Mr. Sibal said something and some of the youth got emotional. Throwing tomatoes and the like. We do not support what the youth did. But at the same time, Mr. Sibal is a senior Congress leader and our Rajya Sabha member. He could and could always talk to Rahul ji and Sonia ji. We are all integral part of Congress. Is it appropriate for our leadership to talk publicly about anything and everything?

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