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Meet breast cancer survivor Cheryl Keir Achumi, who is inspiring people to exercise and stay healthy

Born and raised in Dimapur, Cheryl Kire Achumi was living the life of her dreams with her husband and two children. A graduate in Hospitality Management and a BA in English, the Nagaland native worked a few jobs before renting a tent house, a service apartment and later starting his own business as a tea garden. He left his job in 2010 to pursue entrepreneurship full time.

But in May 2014, she was diagnosed with infancy Breast Cancer. “I had a small uncomfortable lump in my breast. So, I had a lumpectomy and sent it in for biopsy. The results came in and I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer,” the 43-year-old told

as part of TreatmentCheryl had to undergo three clinical operations, six rounds of chemotherapy and 15 rounds of radiotherapy, resulting in her “extreme pain, stress and anxiety to her body and mind”. “During the healing process, I also gained around 18 kg and went from 50 to 68 kg. Since I was unable to move around freely without feeling constant fatigue and pain, I did most of the walking around campus in terms of ‘fitness’. But I kept myself busy with household chores, did a little gardening, read a few books, and even did a little knitting when my hard fingers allowed,” she recalled.

Cheryl Achumi works out six days a week. (Source: Cheryl Achumi)

She soon realized she needed to “immediately work on my . main power To get back in shape and become healthier and fitter”. Keeping this in mind, he visited various gyms nearby in Dimapur city, but “could not find a single gym in the area which has proper facilities and trainers”.

“So, I ended up working out at home and focused on core-strengthening exercises, cardio and some weights, stretching and… FLEXIBILITY training,” shared Cheryl, who was guided by her husband Abraham Botoking, a fitness enthusiast and a certified personal fitness trainer. Her diet included consumption of both micro and macro level. “My husband made sure I consume lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and fruits, proteins and soups. I started taking omega 3+6+9, multivitamins and calcium,” she said.

Over the next several months, she and her husband began discussing the possibilities of starting an entrepreneurial venture around “enabling high-quality fitness for all.” And in no time, her husband – a former banker by profession – had quit his job to wholeheartedly support Cheryl’s entrepreneurial aspirations becoming a reality. This is how City Gym, co-founded by the fitness-loving couple, came into existence in September 2016 and emerged as the first gym in the city to include a dedicated ‘Women’s Fitness Section’. Gender-inclusive gyms aim to inspire and help people care about their health and fitness goals.

“everyone should work out Daily and live a healthy lifestyle. Women usually ignore their health and rarely exercise. We need to realize that the benefits of living a healthy life are both mental and physical. This means, less anxiety and stress, less chronic diseases, more energy, hormonal balance, weight management, longer life, better mood, good skin, good sleep, good mental health. Basically looks and feels great! This should be the ultimate motto for every woman,” Cheryl, who opened another branch in the city’s Burma Camp area in 2019, told this outlet.

The certified diet and nutrition coach and fitness trainer now works out six days a week, with a focus on core strength, weights and a little cardio.

Cheryl Kiere Achumi Cheryl Kiere Achumi, One Tits cancer Survivor opened a gym with her husband (Source: Cheryl Kiere Achumi)

But the pandemic soon stalled things with the couple facing financial crunch and forced the closure of one of their centres. “But we brought all the equipment home for our elderly clients and those opting for personal training – allowing them to work in privacy and safety without fear of contracting the virus,” she expressed. Now as she starts all over again, Cheryl, who was part of His and Now Entrepreneurship Support Program in the North East Region In 2019 (which enabled him to formulate a solid business expansion plan and introduced him to various innovative avenues to grow his venture), “opening more gyms” with a sports center and a football coaching center in the near future ‘s plan.

“A silver lining in the midst of this pandemic has been that people have understood the importance and benefits of exercise. We have had many people who have signed up for our fitness training in an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. The footfall is increasing now. We have also opened a futsal center which is doing well at the moment.”

According to According to statistics, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in India, with one woman being diagnosed with breast cancer every four minutes in India, and one woman dying every eight minutes in the country. in spite of numbers and calls preventive checkPeople, especially women, are “seldom proactive about their well-being”.

“No matter what part of the body is affected, cancer is cancer. cancer Can touch anyone irrespective of caste, creed or colour. No one is immune. My advice to every woman would be to always do a self breast test every month and educate yourself. do research. Go for regular check-up. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, give up grudges and do things that make you happy,” Cheryl said.

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