Meet China’s ‘dancing grannies’ who have become a ‘problem’ for locals

New Delhi: Older women in China have taken up a new hobby of socializing and exercising to quell the annoyance of the locals. Middle-aged and older women in China mostly gather at night or early in the morning for square dancing in public parks and centres.

According to a report in The Guardian, these ‘gangs’, who went through the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, dance ‘vigorously’ to Chinese music. As locals are ‘too frightened’ to call these ‘dancing nannies’ on blazing music, a remote stun gun-style device that claims to disable a speaker from 50 meters away has been a solution to the problem. The solution has gone viral.

One user on eBay’s China version of Taobao said, “Finally the downstairs is quiet. For two days the grandma thought their speaker wasn’t working!”

While another commented, “Great invention, with this tool I’ll be the boss in the neighborhood now,” adding that it’s not a regular product, but “it’s social justice!”

According to the South China Morning Post, square dancing allows these older women, especially those who live alone, to socialize. These women form strong bonds, often shopping or doing other activities together, including group investing.

However, local Chinese residents have complained of noise pollution due to loud music. “Most of them are products of the Red Guard era, they don’t respect society or the environment,” said a young Chinese resident from Guiyang.

“The square dance is a problem left over from history. Many elderly people feel that the whole of China is made up of their generation. They have perfect voice and status. We young people have done nothing, and certainly to question them. are not eligible,” said the resident.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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