Moon Parade on Saturn; NASA shares stunning views of Hubble

New Delhi: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) knows how to keep its curious stargazers engaged and amazed. With the help of social media platforms, NASA surprises its followers by sharing pictures and graphics from every corner of the world.

Following the same sequence, this time NASA has shared the clip of the parade of Saturn’s moons. In the clip, the four moons of Saturn are seen moving around it.

Sharing the breathtaking view captured by the Hubble Telescope, NASA wrote: “Time for the Moon Parade. Saturn’s four moons swirl across the face of their planet in this spectacular Hubble visualization. The icy moons Enceladus and Dione are to the left, while the large orange moons Titan and the icy Mima are to the right. “


The clip has garnered over 1 lakh likes and many comments have also come in expressing the entertainment of the users. One of the users wrote, “Wouldn’t it be nice to see it in real life?” “Is it real?? Such a clear image… even the shadow can be seen” wrote another.

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