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Nail Hygiene: All You Need to Know

Although the world is slowly recovering from COVID-19 pandemic, one should not lower his guards and still maintain hand hygiene To stop the spread of the virus. But are we paying enough attention to nail hygiene?

“Our nails are an indicator of well-being for our entire body. The manifestation of many serious diseases was first found within dirty nails. Ignorance of our nails becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. These germs enter our bodies through our hands. Therefore, nail hygiene KAI India Managing Director Rajesh U. Pandya said, it is important and without it hand hygiene is incomplete.

He added that practicing good nail hygiene involves following a systematic process to ensure longevity of nail health. This includes making sure “food particles, dirt, dust don’t stick to our nails and that nail bacteria haven’t built up.”

“Thankfully, contrary to popular belief, maintaining good nail hygiene is not that difficult. A little effort, awareness and attention is enough to keep our nails healthy.

Healthy nails are in. Source: Shefali Shah / Instagram

Avoiding nail hygiene puts you at risk of getting a viral infection

due to persistent negligence nail cleaningMany serious issues arise like bacterial and viral infections. Often these cause serious health problems. Unless we clean the underside of our nails in addition to regular hand washing, our hand hygiene is not perfect. “Most people don’t mind sharing nail clippers with others. However, this is a very unhealthy practice. Why do we share our nail clippers when we don’t share any of our personal hygiene products? Nails contain abundant germs, bacteria and viruses and sharing nail clippers is equivalent to exchanging those microorganisms,” he shared.

keep nails dry and clean

It prevents the growth of bacterial and fungal infections under our nails. It has been observed that prolonged exposure to water can break nails. It is always recommended to wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or using harsh chemicals. To follow good nail hygiene, we have to be careful about our nail care products. “Use a sharp stainless-steel nail clipper with grime remover, which can remove germs and grime hiding under nails. Cut the nails straight, then round the tips into a gentle curve. Always wash hands and nails with soap and water after a nail clipping session,” he suggests.

Keep hands and nails The cuticles are moisturized to prevent overgrowth. Frequent use of nail paint removers, hand sanitizers and harsh soaps can dry out nails as well as cuticles. Keep nails short, trim them regularly and wash hands for at least 20 seconds and then moisturize it, this will reduce the chances of diseases and avoid any kind of virus.

(Taking care of your nails is vital. Source: Getty/ indianexpress)

Here are some more ways through which we can maintain our nail hygiene monolithic:

* Avoid biting nails: This has the potential to damage the nail bed as minor cuts can lead to infection. Also, when we bite our nails, the germs directly enter our mouth.

* Be gentle with hangnails: Never pull on your hangnails. Rather, be gentle with them and cut them off carefully. Stop using products that are harsh on the nails. Always go for acetone free products.

*Get regular nail checks: If you have persistent nail problems, consult a doctor or dermatologist for evaluation.

*Don’t share: Try not to share your nail clippers, as they contain germs. Wash the nail clipper with lukewarm water and wipe it with a soft cloth.

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