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Navratri Food: Some Satvik Sauces You Can Enjoy This Festive Season

This year, I decided to add gluten-free noodles to the Navratri Bajra menu. While fasting gives us a break, indulging in carefully with ingredients that are good for the gut is not bad either. There are many ways to prepare things in a healthier way than with processed and packaged foods.

Navratri is not just about potatoes and sago. Nor are they just about kuttu pakoras (buckwheat fritters) and sweet halwa. You can try kebabs without oil, savory snacks, many interesting dips and sauces made from pumpkin, pineapple, water chestnut and other superfoods. And while fruits and herbs are increasingly favored, explore possibilities with Indian gooseberry (gooseberry), mint, green chilies and many other locally grown herbs.

If you think you don’t have many sauce options, you can check out these recipes. I rustled into Chinese style noodles in no time yesterday. Refer to video.

green chili sauce


1 cup mint leaves
2 amla seedless
2-3 green chilies
2 inch ginger
1 tbsp pomegranate seed powder
Rock salt as per taste
Water as required


1. Wash the mint leaves thoroughly and put them in a blender jar along with all the ingredients except water.
2. Pulse it twice and then add water as required.
3. Blend it well for 30 seconds.

dark sauce


1/2 cup jaggery
cup water
2 tbsp ginger julienne
1 tsp coconut aminos
1 tsp cold pressed peanut oil
1 tsp red chili powder (I used abana hot chili)


1. Heat oil in a pan and add julienned ginger to it.
2. Add jaggery, water, red chilli and coconut aminos.
3. Let it cook on high flame for 3-4 minutes. Turn off the flame. Add salt.
4. Allow it to cool completely before adding it to the noodles.

(Shalini Rajni is a millet coach, and the founder of Crazy Kadchi. She holds innovative millet cooking workshops for all age groups.)

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