Need to Indianize our legal system: CJI Raman

By Naveen Bharat Editorial

BENGALURU: Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, who was in Bengaluru on Saturday, said, “The need of the hour is ‘Indianisation’ of our legal system, as our system, practices and rules, being colonial in origin, are the most appropriate May not be for the needs of the Indian population. Also, the functioning of the courts is not suited to the complexities of India.

He was speaking on the ‘Indian Judicial-Legal System’ after paying tributes to Justice Mohan M Shantanagoudar at a function organized by the Karnataka State Bar Council at Vidhana Soudha.
“When I say Indianisation, I mean the need to adapt to the practical realities of our society and localize our justice delivery system,” he said.

‘Important to make justice delivery transparent’

“Parties from rural areas fighting a family dispute are usually made to feel out of place in court. They do not understand the arguments or arguments that are mostly in English, a different language to them. These days, the judgments have become lengthy which further complicates the position of the litigants. To understand the implications of a decision, they are forced to spend more money,” said CJI Ramana.

Simplification of delivery of justice should be our prime concern. It is important to make justice delivery more transparent, accessible and effective. Procedural barriers often undermine access to justice. The common man should not be afraid to approach the courts and the authorities. It is the duty of lawyers and judges to create an environment that is comfortable for the litigants and other stakeholders.

“We must not forget that the litigant, the justice-seeker, is the focal point of any justice delivery system. The use of alternative dispute mechanisms, such as mediation and conciliation, goes a long way in reducing friction between parties and saving resources. It will also reduce the need and pendency of pending arguments and lengthy decisions”, he said.

heart touching incident
Talking about Justice Late Shantanagoudar, CJI Raman narrated an incident that touched his heart. One day, CJI Raman lost a gem of his finger ring which was given to him by Sathya Sai Baba after he was elevated as a judge of the Supreme Court. Both he and Justice Shantanagoudar were upset. it was extremely
It is difficult to find gems in the lounges and corridors of the Supreme Court that are large. But within half an hour Justice Shantanagoudar got that gem. He personally searched the entire complex and unearthed the precious stone. Releasing a documentary on Justice Shantanagoudar, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that there is a need to set up a chair in a university in the name of Justice Shantanagoudar.

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