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North Korea threatens top UN body after emergency meeting

North Korea in a statement on Sunday warned the UN Security Council against criticizing the isolated country’s missile program, including unspecified threats against the international body.

During an emergency closed-door meeting of the UN’s top body on Friday, France circulated a proposed statement that expressed concern over North Korea’s missile launches and completely rejected Council resolutions banning ballistic missile firing from it. calls to implement.

On Sunday, a senior North Korean foreign ministry official, Jo Chol Su, warned the UN Council that “it better think about what it will do in the future if it tries to encroach on North Korea’s sovereignty.” will result”.

According to the statement broadcast by state media, Joe also accused the UN body of “double standards of behavior” because it does not equally take issue with similar weapons testing by the United States and its allies.

After a six-month hiatus, North Korea resumed missile testing in September, launching newly developed missiles including nuclear-capable weapons that keep both major US allies, South Korea and Japan, within striking distance. The country still offered conditional talks with South Korea, which some experts call an attempt to pressure Seoul to persuade Washington to relax economic sanctions on it.

Under several UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea has been banned from engaging in any ballistic missile activities because the country aims to have nuclear weapons on its ballistic missiles. North Korea has argued that its nuclear program is meant to counter US military threats, although Washington has said it has no hostile intentions towards Pyongyang.

Despite its recent launches, North Korea has maintained its 2018 self-imposed moratorium on long-range missiles directly threatening the US homeland, a sign that it is still looking for future diplomacy with the US. Wants to maintain survival opportunities for

US officials have urged North Korea to return to talks without preconditions, but the North has argued it will not do so unless the US abandons its “hostile policy”, sanctions and Washington and In the clear context of regular military exercises between Seoul.

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