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Odisha Police gives financial help to blind couple in Bhubaneswar

By express news service

BHUBANESWAR: In a humanitarian gesture, the city police on Monday extended financial assistance to a blind couple for the treatment of their two-year-old daughter, who was suffering from eye cancer. The personnel of Infocity police station have donated 10 thousand rupees to the couple.

Ashok Nayak (31) of Balasore district and his wife Sumitra were living in Visakhapatnam with their child till the outbreak of Kovid-19. Ashok used to work in a private company there but lost his job last year.

The couple was forced to return to Balasore and their condition worsened a few months ago when their daughter fell on the concrete floor and suffered a head injury. The girl was treated at a hospital here where doctors revealed that she had a tumor and advised removal of her left eye to save her life.

The cost of the operation is around Rs 1 lakh and the couple managed to arrange the money with great difficulty. However, a few months later the girl’s right eye also started getting affected and she was diagnosed with cancer. The couple now needs Rs 4 to 5 lakh for the treatment of their daughter.

Infocity IIC Samita Mishra recently came to know about the couple’s agony from social media and decided to extend all possible support. She went to Ashok’s residence in Bharatpur on Monday and handed over the money to him.

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