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Odisha’s youth dug a canal from the hill to bring water to the house

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Cuttack: About 40 youths of Sudarshanpur of Tigiriya block of Cuttack district, battling all the difficulties, have ended the problem of water in the village.

He has dug a canal through a hill to channel the rainwater flow into his village’s pond.

The 20 feet deep pond is spread over an acre and can now meet the needs of the entire village and the surrounding areas.

Villagers bathing in pond To express

The pond was dug last year at a cost of Rs 4 lakh under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Earthen dams (embankments) were built on the banks of the water body for water conservation.

However, despite the rains, the pond remained dry as it could not hold enough rain water and there was no flow through natural channels.

Naresh Pal (29) said he and others then decided to fix the problem and held a meeting to work out a plan.

“First we traced the point from where the rain water was getting wasted. Then we started work on September 25 with Hukum, Lohadand etc. Digging a canal manually in a rocky and forested area was a difficult task. It took eight days to dig a one kilometer canal from the Soorishpal hill to the pond.

More than 800 people from 150 families live in this village, situated at the foothills of Soorishpal hill surrounded by forest. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of the people.

However, they were facing water crisis throughout the year for generations.

There was no pond in the village and the residents had to depend on the Jamunabandh minor irrigation project located far away for bathing, washing and other social activities.

The hard work of the local people paid off as the pond was filled with rain water. Now the villagers are using the pond for bathing and other purposes.

“We have also planned to do fish farming in the pond,” Pal said.

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