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Only one MP recorded 100% attendance in the last 7 sessions of Rajya Sabha

About 30% of the members had a full attendance in a session of the Rajya Sabha. (file)

New Delhi:

A study conducted by the House Secretariat revealed that 78 percent of the members of the Rajya Sabha attend the proceedings of the House on a daily basis. An analysis of the presence of MPs in the Upper House of Parliament revealed that AIADMK member SR Balasubramaniam is the most regular Rajya Sabha member.

According to the study, the 75-year-old MP participated in the proceedings of all 138 sittings of these 7 sessions.

About 30 per cent of the members had full attendance in a session and only less than two per cent had zero attendance, it was learned.

Five members – Ashok Bajpai, DP Vats, Neeraj Shekhar, Vikas Mahatme and Ramkumar Verma participated fully in the six sessions while seven members – Rakesh Sinha, Sudhanshu Trivedi, Dr. Kailash Soni, Naresh Gujral, Vishamber Prasad Nishad, Kumar. Ketkar and Ami Yagnik – had a full presence in five seasons.

The quantitative analysis of the extent of participation of Members of Parliament in the proceedings of the House was done for the first time after Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu sought to know the pattern of attendance.

The analysis showed that while ministers, the Deputy Speaker, the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition are not required to sign the attendance register, around 225 members registered their attendance daily under the Members of Parliament (Salaries and Allowances) Act.

The highest daily attendance was recorded at 82.57 per cent during the 254th session (previous monsoon session), as compared to a decrease of 72.88 per cent during the previous session.

During this period, 29.14 per cent reported full attendance, while only 1.90 per cent did not attend the proceedings due to various reasons and were allowed absence by the House.

The analysis further revealed that the pandemic did not affect attendance during the last three seasons. During the 252nd session, following the first COVID-19 protocol, 99 members, accounting for 44.19 per cent of the total, attended the proceedings during all ten meetings, while 98 members, accounting for 46 per cent, did so. 17 sittings of the 254th session.

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