“Outage May Be Inevitable”: Assam Power Distributor Warns In Advertisement

Assam Power Distribution Company Limited said that the power situation is at critical level.


Assam’s power distributor has warned of “inevitable” outages and load-shedding in the state amid concerns over coal shortage at power plants across the country.

In a public message published in local newspapers, the Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd or APDCL, which supplies power across the state after procurement from the national grid, said that the power generation at thermal plants has “significantly reduced”.

“Due to the limited availability of coal, power generation from thermal generating stations has come down significantly. The power situation is clearly at critical levels and power outages/load shedding may be inevitable. Please bear with us and use power judiciously. use. Energy saving is energy generated. The cause of inconvenience is highly regretted,” APDCL said in the advertisement signed by its Chief General Manager.

The message from the power distribution company or discoms in Assam comes amid concerns of blackouts in several states due to shortage of coal in power stations. The central government has assured that India has enough coal reserves to meet the demand for its power plants, allaying fears of an imminent blackout in Delhi and other cities.


Message of Assam Power Distribution Company Limited published in local newspapers

The government has said that there are four reasons for the shortfall in coal stocks in power plants – unprecedented rise in power demand due to the revival of the economy, heavy rains in coal mine areas, rise in the price of imported coal and legacy issues like huge arrears. Amount. Coal companies in some states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Home Minister Amit Shah today met his cabinet colleagues in charge of the ministries of coal and power. During the hour-long meeting, the three ministers are believed to have discussed the availability of coal to power plants and the current demands for electricity.

An analysis of daily load dispatch data from the central grid regulator showed that India’s power supply shortfall in the first seven days of October accounted for 11.2 per cent of the country’s total shortfall, news agency Reuters reported.

The data is publicly available but the analysis provides the first solid indication of the extent of the problem. Globally, energy supply is under pressure as demand and supply chains are affected by rising prices and recovery of consumption after the lockdown to contain the pandemic.

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