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Park Ji-sung urges Man You fans to stop singing racist songs on dog-flesh

Former Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-sung has urged fans of the club to stop singing a song that contains a racial stereotype about his native South Korea.

United fans sang a song about Park during his time at the club from 2005–12, which included a derogatory line about Koreans eating dog meat.

The song is still heard at Old Trafford and the now-retired Park said he wanted to educate supporters about why the words were harmful to him and the people of South Korea.

Park, 40, said he was inspired to speak after hearing United fans sing the song at a match against Wolverhampton last month, which featured South Korean striker Hwang Hee-chan that day.

“I know United fans have no offense for that song,” Park told the UTD podcast on Monday, “but still I have to educate fans to stop using that word (dog meat), which is usually But these days it happens. Racial insult to the Korean people.”

Park, who won the Premier League four times with United as well as the Champions League in 2008, also played 100 games for South Korea and three World Cups in 2002, ’06 and ’10.

“That particular word is very uncomfortable for Koreans, and I’m really sorry for the young players who listened to that kind of song,” Park said.

“In Korea, things have changed a lot. It is true that we have historically eaten dog meat but these days, especially the younger generation, they really hate it. The culture has changed.

“I really request fans to stop singing that word. Koreans get restless when they hear this song. It’s time to stop.”

United said it “fully supports Ji-sung’s comments and urges fans to respect his wishes.”

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