Passenger lost laptop worth Rs 2 lakh in train, contract worker helped in return

Chennai: In an act of integrity and honesty, R Sribalu, a contractual supervisor handling rodent control measures in Southern Railway passenger trains, returned an expensive laptop he found lying under the train seat.

The incident took place over the weekend when the train was in the yard near Egmore railway station in Chennai. The laptop, a high-end Apple MacBook, costs around Rs 2 lakh which is approximately the annual income of the contract supervisor who found it and facilitated its return.

Senthilkumar, an iOS developer at a leading Indian tech company, was traveling from his native to Chennai by train when he accidentally took another passenger’s bag while landing at the destination. Realizing his folly, about an hour after getting off the train, he managed to call the owner of the bag and return it within a few hours. However, when he was asked about his own bag which was left back in the train, another passenger said that he did not pay attention to it.

A lot was at stake, as the young techie lost his company-issued laptop. After registering his complaint at the railway station in Chennai, he expected some good news, but did not receive any news. Later in the evening he got a call which got him excited.

Thanks to R Sribalu, his laptop and charger were found. When he went to do his work, he found the laptop and charger under the lower berth in the train compartment. He then informed the railway authorities, who informed the passenger based on his complaint.

“We take rodent control measures and it is extremely rare to find such valuables in empty bins. At first sight, I knew it was an Apple laptop and would cost over Rs 1 lakh. I feel sad that someone has lost such an expensive item and it has to be returned to its original owner without delay,” Sreebalu told Zee Media.

The 33-year-old is the sole breadwinner in his four-member family. When asked about his educational qualification, he said that he has studied till class 10th.

The official Twitter handle of Divisional Railway Manager, Chennai, Southern Railway had also tweeted about the incident and shared a picture of the laptop being handed over to the passenger in the presence of officials.

“It was completely my fault that I carelessly picked up a similar looking bag, which belonged to another passenger. I was carrying a company-issued laptop with important data and the consequences of losing it would have been dire,” Senthilkumar told Zee Media.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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