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PM Modi democratic leader, patient listener: Amit Shah

Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “democratic leader”, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said even his critics would agree that the Union Cabinet has never functioned in such a democratic manner as the Modi government. .

Rejecting the allegations of Modi being an autocratic leader, Shah said he has not seen a patient listener like the Prime Minister, who values ​​all deserving suggestions given by one, irrespective of his rank or position in the hierarchy.

In an interview with Sansad TV, the Union minister said that Modi does not hesitate to take political risks for decisions that are in the national interest, and has at times taken bitter decisions for the welfare of the nation.

Responding to a question that the opposition and critics call Modi an autocratic leader who takes all the decisions himself, Shah described the prime minister as a “democratic leader”.

Shah said that he is a very patient listener and values ​​all deserving suggestions irrespective of the person’s designation.

He said, “…I have closely observed both Modi and his way of working. I have never seen a patient listener like him. Whatever the issue, he listens patiently and speaks less, and then justifies Takes decisions. He takes decisions patiently after considering the suggestions given by all, including a…. small time officer or worker,” the home minister said.

Underlining that Modi does not impose his decisions, Shah, a former BJP The President said, “All those who have worked with him or at times have critics among those who have worked with you will all agree that the Union Cabinet has never worked in such a democratic manner because It is being run in a democratic manner. Modi ji being the prime minister.” Shah said Modi insists on discipline and therefore, the details of some meetings, which need to be confidential as they are premature, are not revealed in public. The Home Minister stressed that decisions in every meeting are taken after collective consultation.

Shah said Modi has always said that he is in power to change the country for the better and not just run the government.

Therefore, he does not hesitate to take harsh and risky decisions, which may be against the supporters of the party, but in the interest of the country and the people, the minister said.

Observing that one has to take tough and tough decisions in the national interest, Shah said, “When you act on black money, bring economic reforms, close all avenues of tax evasion, some people suffer. Those who have voted for us over the years. “It happens, but they also understand that Modi is not going to get anything out of this, ultimately it will benefit the country. So, eventually everyone associates with Modiji,” he said.

Shah listed various achievements of Modi during his 20 years of public life, especially on various important occasions under his leadership as Chief Minister and Prime Minister of Gujarat.

Hitting out at the opposition, Shah said some opposition parties believe that being in power is the birthright of their leadership. But Modi changed that by focusing on people-centric and nation-first politics, he said.


Shah said that he would request the friends of these opposition parties, who criticize the policies of the government, to expose if there is corruption in the present government.

“Expose our failures to the people. But do not lower the political level by resorting to personal attacks,” Shah said.

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