Posts of a Japanese diplomat making a similar origami crane for almost a year have been going viral. watch videos

The internet is certainly a concoction of the most interesting yet bizarre pools of information and we cannot deny it. One such heart-wrenching post has grabbed the attention of the netizens. Japan’s Consul General in Seattle, Hisao Inagaki, has been posting videos similar to himself making origami cranes and praying for everyone’s health and peace for almost a year. He posted his 357th video on Instagram on Friday (August 13).

Hisao Inagaki posted his first video in August last year and since then he has been continuously recording the same message for his Instagram followers. The only thing that changes is the color of the paper from which it makes its stork. Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduation is just 8 days short of marking the entire year.

“Today is my 357th day in Seattle. Praying for everyone’s health and peace I folded the 357th crane,” he wrote in the caption of his post.

Watch his latest video here:

Twitter user Matt Knight noticed the bizarre pattern of Hisao Inagaki’s video and began sharing his post on his account.

“Every day, the Consul General of Japan in Seattle posts a similar video of himself saying, ‘Today is mine’. [nth] Day in Seattle. i have a bent [nth] Praying for everyone’s health and peace,” Matt Knight tweeted and shared a string of screenshots from Inagaki’s Instagram account.

Knight also pointed out that Hisao has only lost two days of this daily regimen since its inception last year.

See photos here:

With Hisao having over 800 followers on Instagram, his videos have garnered more social media following.

Matt Knight’s post has gone viral with over 2k likes and sent netizens into a tizzy. Some users shared common sense about the ancient practice of origami, saying, “The Japanese legend of Senbazuru says that a person who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish.” Another user commented, “This is pure meditation.”

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