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Priyanka Gandhi: Defense Minister and son of the government; Modi can tour the world but will not meet farmers

launched a scathing attack on BJP government on death Lakhimpur Kheri, AICC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi On Sunday, the government was “shielding” Union Minister of State Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish, and that the Center had never seriously listened to farmers’ issues.

“Last week, the son of Union Minister of State (Home) rammed six farmers with his vehicle. The families of all the victims said that they want justice but you all have seen that the government is saving the minister and his son? Have you seen in any country that the person who crushed six people is being ‘invited’ by the police to talk to them?” Gandhi said while addressing a ‘Kisan Nyay’ rally in Varanasi.

He said, “The CM is saving the minister from the public platform. The Prime Minister came to Lucknow to see the performance of Uttam Pradesh and Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav but could not go to Lakhimpur Kheri to share the grief of the families of the victims.

Ashish Mishra, facing the charge of murder in the Lakhimpur Kheri case on Saturday, arrested after questioning.

At around 11 pm, DIG Upendra Kumar Agarwal, head of the SIT, told reporters, “We found that he was not cooperating. He was not saying anything specific. On the basis of non-cooperation and evasive reply, we are taking Ashish into custody. He will be produced in court tomorrow. We will continue with custodial interrogation.”

Seeking to intensify the attack on PM Modi on the issue of farmers, Priyanka said that the Center did not pay heed to their protest and did not try to listen to their demands seriously.

“Farmers have been protesting for more than 300 days, during which more than 600 of them have died. They are protesting because they know that their income, land and crops will go to the billionaire friends of this government. PM Modi can tour the whole world but cannot meet farmers to solve their problems.

“PM Modi has called the protesting farmers ‘movement jeevi’ and terrorists. Yogi-ji called them goons and also tried to threaten them. The same minister (Ajay Mishra) had said that he would put the protesting farmers in line within two minutes.

Earlier this week, Priyanka had a conversation with the UP CM over her act of sweeping the guest house in Sitapur, where she was detained.

Adityanath had said in a TV interview on Friday that the public had left him only fit to clean the floor.

After this Priyanka reached the Valmiki temple of a Dalit colony here and sweep your premises with a broom. He said Adityanath’s remarks were not against him but against the crores of women, Dalits and sanitation workers who proudly keep houses and cities clean.

Priyanka said that the CM has humiliated the people engaged in cleaning and cleaning work. He told people in Luv Kush Nagar: “They have not insulted me by saying that, they have insulted all of you because crores of Dalit brothers and sisters are sanitation workers and they do this work.”

This is why, Priyanka said, she decided to personally clean the Valmiki temple to show that there was nothing wrong with doing the work.

AICC General Secretary in ‘Kisan Nyay’ rally UP Police detained last Monday On his way to meet the kin of the four farmers killed in Lakhimpur Kheri, he further claimed that the government was working only for the interests of the corporates.

He said, ‘Modi ji had bought two aircraft for himself last year for Rs 16,000 crore. He sold the entire Air India of this country to this billionaire friends for just Rs 18,000 crore. Today only two types of people are safe in this country – BJP leaders sitting in power and their billionaire friends.


Addressing the people, he said, “Just ask yourself: Have the promises made to you come true? Has development arrived at your doorstep? If not, you can stand by me and say that Now is the time to bring change.

Earlier in the day, the Congress party had tweeted that it has sought an appointment with President Ram Nath Kovind for a 7-member party delegation led by Rahul Gandhi to present a detailed memorandum on the facts of the Lakhimpur Kheri incident. However, the party deleted the tweet a few minutes later.

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