Priyanka picks up broom in Dalit basti, Yogi says people have made Congress capable of doing this


LUCKNOW: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday made a surprise visit to a Dalit basti here and picked up a broom to clean it, reacting to her act of sweeping the floor at a guest house in Sitapur during Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s detention. expressed.

Responding to a question about Gandhi’s mopping during detention, Adityanath had said earlier in the day that people want him (Congress leaders) to be able to do this and that is what he has made.

??These people have no work but to spread nuisance and negativity,?? He said that.

The chief minister had made the remarks earlier in the day during a program on a private TV news channel.

In response to the chief minister’s remarks, Gandhi descended on the Dalit colony and picked up a broom, saying it was a symbol of simplicity and self-respect.

A Congress spokesperson said that while meeting with the residents of Luv Kush Nagar, the Congress general secretary while cleaning the area said that crores of women and sanitation workers in the country use brooms daily for cleaning.

In the program of the TV news channel, the Chief Minister had further said, “These people have nothing but negative attitude. These were not seen in the Corona period. When people were suffering from infection, it was BJP workers and the government. who were with the people amidst the zero presence of these people.”

??But now they have woken up from their sleep and have taken the Lakhimpur incident as an opportunity, ?? Adityanath said.

Taking objection to the Chief Minister’s remarks, Priyanka told the residents of Luv Kush Nagar, “They have not insulted me by saying this, so they have insulted all of you because crores of Dalit brothers and sisters are sanitation workers and they do this work.” “

He said, “I have come here to do cleaning work with all of you and let Yogi ji know that cleaning and using a broom is an act of self-respect.”

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