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Rajnath Singh: No one can doubt the patriotism of the Muslims of Lakshadweep

Announcing that the government wants to make Lakshadweep another Maldives, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the patriotism of the Muslim community in the Union Territory should not be doubted. He said that the strategic location of Lakshadweep makes its security very important.

“Given the importance of this place, some anti-India forces also try to create disturbance here. Attempts were also made to provoke people, but without success. Singh said. “No one should dare to test the patriotism of the Muslim population in Lakshadweep”.

Speaking at Kavaratti, where he unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi on his birth anniversary, Singh said that even though the Mahatma had a positive impact on the world in the 20th century, his influence is not limited to the last century. Recognizing poverty and inequality, climate change and terrorism as the three main challenges, he said, “Today, we will need Gandhiji to solve the world’s big problems in the 21st century.”

He said that the Narendra Modi government’s effort and desire is to “not only uplift, but also empower” people from weaker sections of the society. He said that following the Mahatma’s principles, Modi “worked for the right of the poorest of the poor to live life in a dignified manner”.

Singh said “vested interests” often try to “present the wrong picture that our government is not paying attention to a particular section as it is an anti-minority government”. But, he insisted, “it’s not even close to the truth”.

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